scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


things i really want to work on & make & create in the coming days/weeks...

♥ scented candles
♥ flavoured lipbalms
♥ body butters, although i think i'll need to get more shea & cocoa butter than what i ordered for that, so that will have to wait until i actually have money
♥ soaps, although i need materials for that too, i only got a few things that can be used in soapmaking with my order from heirloom body care
winterspark zines #3 & #4
♥ a mini zine (because i think mini's are cute!)
♥ making a book/journal using bookbinding techniques i've been reading about -- i think i'm going to start that this weekend. also i have some ideas for covers too.
♥ working on the inspiration scrapbook i started, for all the things that inspire me
♥ art journals, both for different swaps/projects, and my own personal one
♥ making a tote bag/messenger bag, and maybe some little jewellery bags too (i think i'll make the little bags first, for practice!)
♥ making ATC's (artist trading cards) - i have some ideas for ones i want to make, and being so small, i have no excuse not to be churning out one a day at least. mini-projects, but some people make the most beautiful ones.
♥ beaded earrings, especially using the new beads & crystals i brought last weekend
♥ handmade cards... i have some beautiful card supplies to turn into pretty things. who says it needs to be valentine's day or a special occasion to send cards?

... i think that's it, although i thought there were actually more. plus catching up on a hundred letters that i still owe! well, maybe not a hundred. when it's all in my mind it's a jumble of ideas and everything is all meshed together, so making a list is a start to sorting through all the ideas and inspirations and seeing what i can do with it all!

off to enjoy a saturday & make things, then go to sparkleoflife's for tea tonight. much love to you all. xoxo

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