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Joining the Opera

Hey, remember that audition I went for on Monday night? The one for the Opera? I came out of the audition, feeling... well, not upset, because I knew I sang well... it was more the feeling when I got there, that I wasn't in the right place, that I didn't fit in, that I shouldn't be trying out for an opera when I've only just begun taking lessons. It got to the stage when I was waiting to audition where the only thing that stopped me from running out of there was the thought... "I have to prove to myself that I CAN audition." So I auditioned, but I wasn't going to be disappointed if I didn't get in, in fact, I wasn't expecting to hear from them again. That's okay - there would be other auditions, and even though it would have been nice to have gotten in - I mean, an opera, even if it is just as a chorus member, is a nice little... thing to say you have done. Operas, to put it blankly, have class. It's an elitist thing, and whilst that makes me sound like a snob, I think it's true.

Well guess what? I GOT IN!!! I definitely wasn't expecting that, but now I've made it, I'm so excited! So yeah, it IS just chorus. But there are about 10 songs to learn, the woman told me who called me, about half an hour ago - so I finally get to sing in a stage show, which I have wanted to do... all my life. There is also a bit of dialogue, so that will be fun too. Plus the experience... and when I first rang up to enquire about the auditions, the director told me that being in this show would be a good start to being in other shows that the company put on... they do all sorts of musical productions, not just operas, and I have always wanted to be in a company that does musical shows. I'm starting now, and it's so exciting. Meeting new people will be great. I know that most of them will be older than me, but that's okay - age is meaningless anyway.

Plus the excitement of working on a new show!! I'm a bit lost without something creative to work on. Now I have something new to think about, to pour my energies in to, and I can't wait. Rehearsals begin in January; so I have time to recover from "They're Playing Our Song", have a bit of a rest, and then, just when I'll start to get bored and listless, I'll have THIS to be in.

I think what I like the most about this, is that I never really expected to get in, and neither did anyone else whom I told about the auditions. It got to the stage where it was a bit of a joke - "hey, now I can say that my first singing audition was for an OPERA!" - my family was just humouring me when I said I was going to audition for an opera, and my friends were like, "umm, okay, it'll be good experience, go for it [but don't really think you'll get in]". They weren't mean about it, because I was saying the same thing! I'd almost forgotten about it, when the woman rang today, and was thinking that I'd have to remember to buy tomorrow's Advertiser so I can see what other auditions were going on during the week. And now that I got in, it's turned my mind a little bit; especially after I heard some of the other auditioners sing, I wasn't seriously thinking I'd get in, even AS chorus... so it's kinda like a little joke that's turned real.

And you know what? I like it.


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