scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

tori mini-zine

i was thinking about the mini zine i was going to make (mini as in 1/8th size, probably around 32 pages, so about half the size of my current zines), and this morning on the way to work i thought about turning it into a tori-themed/tribute mini zine (oh, i guess it would be a fanzine really, wouldn't it?) sort of like personal stories where her music has played a role, lyrics that mean a lot to me & why, etcetc. so,

- would anyone actually be interested in reading this if i wrote it? (i know not everyone likes fanzines, maybe it would just be boring for other people to read...)

&- i wouldn't charge for it as it's a small zine, but would it be rude to charge for postage only? because it costs nearly $ 2.00 to mail letters overseas and um, that adds up pretty quick. so i would probably distribute it though trades or cost of postage, but i'm not sure if that sounds rude. please do tell me if it does (i won't be offended lol).

if you have any thoughts, let me know? it was just a passing idea but something i could probably do something with, if people might want to read it :)


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