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22 February 2005 @ 09:23 am
i am so happy today.

♥ after today, 3 days off work !! *cheers*
♥ kisses & cuddles last night (& pizza & the bourne identity which i actually liked)
♥ pretty handmade valentines cards from starmiranda and a hello kitty one from another friend that arrived in my mailbox yesterday {thankyou so much lovelies}. it might not be february 14 anymore but valentines cards on any day are wonderful. in fact, i think they're even moreso. i feel so lucky, i swear i have some of the most beautiful friends in my life ♥
♥ being inspired to write, and writing 2 pieces for my tori mini-zine yesterday at work (although i'm not really convinced other people would actually want to read them, but they're fun & cathartic to write anyway)
♥ oooh and this is just in: i just got my mail at work for the day, and a third party wrote this on his letter, i must add that i have been communicating with jade, and i am extremely impressed with her attitude and demeanor in this situation. thankyou jade. *beams* this is a third party whom when i first started talking to, he swore at me because things weren't going how he wanted them to, so this is quite a step up from that first conversation we had. aww, i feel all glowy inside now! what a sweet thing to write.

also the phones so far this morning have been quiet (they didn't ring for the first 20 minutes and i was worried i had broken it!) but i don't want to say that too loud because the phone gods always have a way of changing that ;) and it's a beautiful sunshiney day and even though i'm stuck indoors, i can see out the glass windows and the glow over the trees makes me smile. it's my last day on switchboard today (after being on here for 2 weeks; it's the part i probably dislike the most) and i have beautiful hot tea to drink and so much happiness that i wish i could spread it around to everyone and make them happy too. it's a nice feeling; everyone should have some.

jessicasea__secret on February 21st, 2005 11:51 pm (UTC)

glad you are so happy, dear.