scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


if there was anything that was going to stop me from shopping ever again, it was replacing my desk with a tall bookcase in my room and realising what a FUCKING PACKRAT i am.

geez. i don't think i realised i had so much stuff. as in, it doesn't fit back in my room and i have five new shelves full of books, cds, stationery & penpal things, not to mention the containers under my bed, my wardrobe, 2 other storing shelf systems, chest of drawers....
and there's still not room for everything.

i am so disgusted with myself. how did i accumulate so much crap???


days off from work now. i think i will be spending them doing a massive clean out and throwing away/recycling/auctioning off/giving away absolutely EVERYTHING that is non-essential and that i probably wouldn't miss (mainly because i'd forgotten i'd even had it until i unearthed all this junk whilst switching furniture). the amount of clutter i have is horrible and it stresses me out and i can't believe i'm so terribly... packratish. ugh.

apologies for no comments lately. i'm cranky right now :X and no more shopping for jade until she gets rid of at least 3 boxes of junk. right.


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