scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

wednesday's list

x. list things on ebay to sell
x. test out lipbalm recipes and make a few pots to try out
x. pay phone bill
x. sort out rest of stuff to put in bookcase
x. finish flb notebook and get it ready to mail out on thursday (at last)
x. find somewhere to recycle old travel brochures (or maybe i can put them in the security bins at work, they get pulped and recycled at least). actually, doing that really would clear out a lot of room, it might be worth doing that for sure.
x. make a list of stuff that wouldn't sell/not worth listing on ebay and see if anyone else might like it (one man's junk is another man's treasure and all that jazz)

the annoying thing is that i really do like stuff; it inspires me and the littlest things can become the focal point of a project i'm working on; but right now the clutter is bothering me something chronic. the clutter always bothers me. i like being inspired and i like finding neat little things in places, i like having miscallaneous things to send in packages and having a ready supply of coloured pens for every occasion and stickers for when the decorating mood hits at 3am. but i hate feeling closed in and messy; it stresses me out. is it possible to have it both ways? the last time i got annoyed with all my junk, i sold a whole heap of scrapbooking stuff on ebay, but i sort of regretted it afterwards because i could have used that stuff after all. i need to find a hobby that doesn't require the use of stuff. a hobby that focuses on minimalism. maybe i should take up yoga or meditation or something like that.

crafts are too addicting. i need to start cutting back on collecting things though.


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