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adventures in lipbalm making

i'm really rather pleased with the way my lipbalms (and one moisterising bar) turned out; i only made tiny batches in case they didn't work out and so i could experiment a little and not feel like i was wasting materials. making lipbalms was ridiculously simple; surely it can't be this easy?? but i think it was a rather good project to start on, being that it WAS so simple and straightforward; i followed a recipe for the first batch i made, but felt more confident to experiment with the next batch. the moisterising bar is part based on a recipe and part experimental. i think once you start realising what the different products do/what effects they have, it's easier to make up your own combinations and tailor products to suit your needs. for example, the moisteriser bar is rather emollient, so i wouldn't recommend it for someone with oily skin. anyway, i think this entry will work better if i explain along with pictures, so...

the kitchen workspace. stove to my left, an assortment of materials ordered from heirloom body care, whom i highly recommend (great prices, fast shipping, friendly customer service and regular emails to update you as to where your package is etc). the notebook is my new recipe/notes book for this sort of thing; i wrote down all my recipes as i went so i could make notes as to what worked, what didn't etc, and also so i could go back and repeat a recipe if something turned out really well. also if i end up selling these things, i'll need to include an ingredients list, so it was important that i got organised right from the beginning and trained myself to take notes.

all the different butters (cocoa, shea) oils (jojoba, coconut), fragrances & flavours, colours, beeswax that were used to make these things.

ha, my dodgy makeshift double boiler. a saucepan on top of another; but it worked fine. this was the first batch of lip balms i was melting down, after i added the colour.

just as a side note, you can buy lipbalm base to use to make these, where you just melt it down and add flavour/colour, and the only thing i have to say is... why??? making lipbalms from 'scratch' just involves melting different quantities of butters & fats & oils together, which is hardly rocket science -- to me it just seems like it's defeating the purpose of making lipbalms if you're going to buy a base.

okay, i'll get off my soapbox now ;)

this was the first batch i made - strawberry flavoured & coloured. it actually smells really nice -- i swear i had a body shop lipbalm that smelt very similar to this - not that my lipbalms are anywhere near like body shops are, but i was happy that they didn't smell bad ;)

i told you i only made tiny batches! i made 2 batches (i didn't want to make any more until i get a chance to get these tested out so i know where i need to improve) and both batches filled 3 little plastic posts each. the one with the red T on it is mine, my tester. the second batch, the yellow ones, are my more experimental ones - i added honey and french vanilla flavouring, and it smells pretty nice as well. i have a tester one of each, and i'll give the other 4 away to see what other people think. but so far i'm pretty happy with both batches -- they moisterise my lips, and i have extra dry lips. the honey-vanilla ones (as i call it) are a bit "harder" than the strawberry ones, and i'm not sure if that is from the honey or the proportion of ingredients i used. i'll probably use a similar recipe for lipbalms in tubes though, and keep the strawberry ones in the little pots.

my moisteriser bar. i used a simple recipe as a base, but substituted some of the ingredients for other ones (ie, ones i actually had). i'm not sure why the surface came up all patterned like that, but i like it anyway, so it's not a bad thing. it's flavoured with a fragrance oil called "sweet tahitian petals", which is a flowery smell. i put a tiny bit of colouring into it as well, which gives it that golden look. it's fairly rich in terms of moisterising properties, so it'd probably be good for someone with dry skin (like me, ha). i haven't used it much since making it this morning, so i can't say anything more about whether it works well or not... but so far, so good :)

so... that was my morning in cosmetics making ;) only small things and not a lot to show, but considering it was my first time at this, i'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. already i need to order some more raw materials, but soon i'd like to try some soap-making too, and making a moisteriser cream (as opposed to a bar). now that i've started and enjoyed it, i'm sure there will be plenty more to come.

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