scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

poor old fool he makes me laugh {phantom}

x. updated my craftlog with scans of some of the stuff i've been doing lately. i should make some more cards or atcs or something, but i'm blah again. no! i won't be blah. i refuse to give into blahness! i shall go inside and do something productive. really.

x. my lipbalms have gone solid; i'm not sure how to remedy this. they are okay if you sort of warm it up with your hands, but that's not very convenient... or classy, ha. my nan suggested glycerine oil, so perhaps i'll remelt them and stir in a little. they are moisterising but it's getting it onto your lips to begin with that's the problem. both mixtures would probably work better in tubes, i'll have to think about altering the recipe for next time. the moisteriser bar works okay, but that takes a bit of warming up between hands to rub on properly. but it smells lovely and is actually very moisterising, which is nice.

x. um, does anyone know if moonborn is okay? she appeared in my dream last night and i'm worried because i don't know how to contact her; i think she was getting a new phone number. so um aphie, just so you know, i love you and i hope you're okay darling xoxo

x. i need to burn more cds for people and mail out zine orders. also i brought a little journal to start a new art book so perhaps i shall go and find inspiration in scrapbooking papers and oil pastels for awhile. it's worked for the last few days.


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