scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

restless saturday

i always seem to be restless lately. i need to settle down and get stuck into something.
but i think i'm going to go shopping instead.

last night i went to the markets and brought some more beads to make earrings similar to the last pair i made. people seem to like them (and i wish i could photograph them probably so you could see), and i might be able to sell some on consignment through this new age store called crystal wave here in adelaide, which would be neat. a friend of mine at work yesterday asked me to make her a pair, and that she'd pay for them. i said i'd give them to her as her birthday present instead; i hate charging friends for things. which is why more than half of my zines have been given away and not sold, but that's a whole other story. the same friend also wants me to come around and spend some time with her 9-year old daughter who's into arts and crafts and wants to learn beading too. that would be wonderful; i'd love to do that, so much.

i need to make more cards, finish up my pages in the circle journal so it can be mailed out on monday (i only have about 3 more pages to go, i think), finish up packages to mail out (monday's post office charge is going to be entirely too scary), visit R. for cuddles (maybe?), and there's loads more, there always is, but do you think i can remember right now? i'm sure i'll remember... first thing monday morning. ugh.

i want to design notecards & stationery like this designer, amongst others. there are so many other fabulous ones out there i'm inspired by, and how do people make a living out of doing this? can you really make enough money to live on by designing pretty cards or making scented candles? it seems as though everyone is doing those things these days; how do people sell enough of their own product lines to support a family? it seems like a fabulous dream, and one that i'd be inspired to try; but instability was always my greatest fear.

it's already crushed one dream of mine. queensland, 2002, all over again.

but these days i'm obsessed with creating things that are beautiful. it's got nothing to do with anything important like changing the world. just about happiness in small things. small pleasures. but how do you live off of that?


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