scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

tori mail art

... because i'm a Dork, i started up a tori amos mail art community on lj.

combining 2 of the things i love best - tori, and mail/art/creativity.

so um, go join?
the idea was from the flbmailart community (i'm a co-mod there, but i hope brytnee doesn't mind me using her idea!); i thought of it when i was working on the flb notebook, how it'd be fun to do a tori-themed circle journal, and then i thought that with a community we could do tori-mix cd & tape trades, and other mail art projects. tori-themed ATC's, and that sort of thing.

oh well. it's all just for fun anyway.

and i'm playing around with customising it right now, so if it looks funny, that's because i'm probably messing something up :X lol.

edit: yay! i think i actually got it to look semi-decent. it only took an hour too *is proud* lol.
you have no idea how dumb i actually am with css etc. thank goodness for fabulous help communities *grins*

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