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i have a dream

this afternoon i spent $ 52.00 mailing 3 packages overseas. 2 of which were by economy mail, not air. grrrrr. damn you, expensive postal charges. why does it cost so much to stay in touch with people like that?
also, i just scalded my throat drinking tea. pleaseletthisafternoongetbetter.

another slow day (can you tell?) i browse the stand of fashion magazines in the newsagency at lunchtime; these days i justify my purchases because they are "research". jewellery designs & cosmetics & packaging & advertising. things that appeal to me, things that don't; however, unlike the designers in the magazines, i would never charge $ 7,000 for a butterfly broch!! even if it is made completely out of diamonds. in the harrods magazine that the beautiful turnedoffneon sent me (she sends THE best packages, i swear), there was this candle in there made by jo malone and it was something like 560 pounds. what would it be like to have that much money you could buy something like that simply to burn. those magazines make me smile and make me want to create things that are beautiful (but not out of reach!). i don't know if i ever could though.

by the way, i do realise that i am completely shallow at times like this. materialism, capitalism... all the evil things. R and i were looking at this site last night called t-shirt hell (which i'm not going to link to because it really is the most offensive & unpolitically correct site i've seen in awhile; but there's some just plain funny stuff there amongst all the offensive crap) and there was this gift wrapping paper you could get that said "600 children in ethiopia die each day. enjoy your gift"; and i guess this post is on a similar thread. knowing, but not doing anything about it. enjoying our own comfortable worlds and not making an effort to make someone else's world more comfortable -- someone who needs it. that every $ 7.50 i spend on a glossy fashion magazine could buy a family in rwanda a week's worth of food (or is it a month's worth?), but i choose to spend it on something unnecessary and indulgent for myself.

on a card from the body shop i got on the weekend, it says, one person can't change the world, but you can change the world for one person. i think that's something worth remembering.


i completely got off the track with this post. my own doubts and uncertainty and feelings of not doing a better job of things get the better of me sometimes. sometimes i dream of making my own line of products that are all fairly traded & environmentally friendly -- so that making lovely body moisterisers really do make an Actual Difference (because the growers of the products such as shea nuts get a decent wage for their work & produce - oxfam have more information about fair trade & the effect on disadvantaged communities if you're interested, i don't need to go on about it here) as well as getting to be involved in something that i love (*coughs*cosmetics*coughs*). i suppose that's one of my biggest dreams, really. to create things that are pleasant for people on a local and a global scale - local because people enjoy the products, global because it directly impacts on the working conditions & wages of people in poorer communities. but there's so much to learn about those things. how can we ever know that what we're doing is right?

much to think about, really.

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