scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

zine distros and postal costs

UGH. it cost me $ 37 to mail those 30 zines over to the US today. i swear there should be shares in Australia Post. i'd buy some, and then maybe i'd get some return on all these stamps and packages i keep mailing out!
i know you're all sick of hearing my rants about the post office and it's horrid costs! but at least i know my parcels will get to their destinations safely, so i try to take satisfaction in that, at least. if any zine distros out there wonder why my wholesale rates for overseas are so high ($ 2.00 per zine), it's all because of Australia Post! i was considering lowering my wholesale prices to see if that would entice any other distros (although Erin's big purchase for her distro made me smile because she has some fabulous zines in her catalogue, and it eased my fears that perhaps my zines just weren't good enough to belong in a distro like that!), but now i know how much it costs to mail them, i really can't afford to lower the prices. it's just too bad all the big distros are overseas in the first place. if i was in the us, my zine prices could be more normal. they sound so expensive compared to most of the others.

i really, really wish i could afford to put my distro back up again. i'm serious; running it last year, out of little old adelaide, was an achievement for me, and the fact that zinesters were recognising it and it had a place in the zine world, meant a lot to me. now, with smitten kitten closed and all the other ones in australia barely putting their heads above the surface (feel free to correct me on this one, by the way - i'd love to know of any active aussie distros out there!), there's definitely a place for a new distro down under. i know of about a dozen good ones in the us (including north star distro, which also stocks my zines), 2 in the uk (one of which is still closed from christmas, i'm hoping withkindlyeyes opens it again soon... psst, sophie! ;)), a couple in europe (not sure of exact countries though), a few in canada, one in new zealand, one in japan, one in the united arab emirates... all international distros. there used to be 3 or 4 in australia, of varying sizes, but they've all seemed to have disappeared. there's a lot more aussie zinesters than you'd believe too. i saw it firsthand whilst running the distro.

i've love to get it running again, encouraging aussie writers to show off their work. maybe when i come back from overseas. maybe it's a plan for 2007; but that's a long way off, who knows what could happen between then? i'm always so impatient for things to happen now.


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