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working holiday stuff

ahem. sorry for the last bitchy post; i had to get it out there, it's been irritating me for awhile. now that i've said it, i feel calmer. maybe later i'll make it a private post or something, but for now - it's staying. because as nice as i seem, i still have claws. only when they are truly deserved though. it's not often i get that fed up with people. i promise.

in other news, i've been researching working holiday information tonight - or more to the point, saving all my bookmarks so i can go through some of them at work tomorrow. i found out what the balance due on my car loan is, and the good news is that it's less than the figure the motor assessor gave me yesterday as a starting point for what i can sell my car for. i might even have some left over; but i won't know until i actually sell it, and i'm not going to count on it. but it's good to know i can leave the country without that debt hanging over me; the only debt i'll have are my uni fees, but doesn't every uni graduate have that? good ol' hecs, although naturally that won't make sense to anyone not living in australia.

sometimes it feels like it's all coming together
other times it feels like it's falling apart
and right now? i'm just trying to hold on.


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