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zine review

i just finished reading heartofkudzu's zine, "Baby Girl #7", and it is seriously amazing. it's about her mother's battle with cancer and how she & her family dealt with the disease on a day-to-day basis and just... wow. i can't do this zine any justice in describing it (i feel very inarticulate today, i'm hoping i can write through that), but it really makes you think twice, appreciate having healthy family (if you do), appreciate lindsey's strength and her mum's courage. i'm lucky; i don't know anyone personally who's had cancer. so i don't know what it's like to deal with the possibility of death like that, to have the pain lingering every single day. this zine definitely gave me a little insight into that, and it touched me immensely. i don't often write zine reviews, either here on my lj or in my own zines (even though i love reading other people's, i love recommendations of must-read zines so maybe i should start doing my own lists...) but this one is definitely worth a mention (a whole post!) and a "go read this zine now!" call.

i got my copy from My My distro, which is closed at the moment (for the boston zine fest, which i would love to go to, it sounds like loads of fun with all those zine kids!), but i think it's available from several other distros as well.

i got some other zines from My My this week too, including the latest Girl Swirl which was great as always (i loved the layout/aesthetics and the ribbon was a nice touch!), and tonight i'll start reading some of the others. but i just couldn't put "Baby Girl #7" down.

edit: speaking of zines, i think i'm going to change the subtitle of my next zine from whimsical to faerytales. my original ideas for a whimsy theme are just not turning out the way i imagined, and the zine is pretty much turning out into a "dreams versus reality" theme... which originally i was going to tie in with the idea of whimsy & beautiful things & dreams & mysticalness versus the "cold hard reality" of the urban world - city streets & urban blocks & steel walls. but i'm struggling to fit that in and the zine is definitely theming itself more towards "faerytales" and how life isn't like a faerytale and don't we all want that happy ending? so i think it's going to be winterspark 3: faerytales instead. i'll save whimsical until i am able to put together a more whimsy themed zine, because i love that word and it seems a shame to 'waste' it on a zine that's not really about that after all. what d'ya think?


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