scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

some random sunday morning things

x. what is the deal with moleskins? moleskin journals, i mean. people rave about them over at jr__nal, but i don't get it. i saw them in border's yesterday and can't understand the excitement. is there something ultra special about them that i just don't get? (okay, i like how thin they are. and they sort of have a nice feel to them. and i did consider buying one, just to find out for myself what the hype is. but i can't justify spending $ 25 for a set of 3 blank notebooks... when i could probably make something like it myself. so i'm curious if there really is a reason they're meant to be so great)

x. i did, however, buy some absolutely fabulous pens yesterday from eckersleys, and sparkleoflife understands my excitement, which she is why she is one of my best friends, really (i can imagine trying to explain to people at work my excitement about these pens! haha... not). they are so beautifully smooth and better quality than the expensive Uniball pens i would occasionally splurge on, and they were so much cheap too! (if anyone's curious, it's these - i was drawn to the colours, and then to the price!) okay, enough sounding like a dork.

x. the guy who hosts video hits is an idiot. yay for australian idol wannabes (ugh).

x. strangely enough for a sunday, i don't feel very crafty. i'm going to finish writing letters today (or even start some, heh), send packages, go to the library and return all my overdue candle & soap books (i'll reborrow them soon enough, they've already been renewed 3 times!). i need to wash my car and it's not hot enough today to blame the sun for not doing so, like i have done for the last few weeks. i listed something on ebay to sell and now i need to find more things to sell because it's always (usually) worth it in the end. things aren't very exciting over here but that's okay, you know? i don't live my life for anyone else anymore.

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