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20 March 2005 @ 12:16 pm
on second thoughts...  
i had this overwhelming urge while i was in the shower to get winterspark 3 finished.

so, i think that's what i'm going to work on today. perhaps not finish it (a nice thought, but considering only 8 out of 40+ pages are templated and a whole bunch of writing scrapped from my earlier self-doubt phase, it's highly unlikely), but maybe it's still possible to get it done by my (self-imposed) easter deadline.

i'll be online today while i write so feel free to say hello (wingedinvisible on aol), although i'll probably be distracted. i haven't been inspired to write or work on my zine all week, so hopefully i can make the most of it today.

Jen Renee ♥_fiveanddime on March 20th, 2005 04:08 am (UTC)
(i need to start up aim and connect more often)
i wish i had your ability to get so much done- how do you do it all? i've been working on my zine for years now. it's finished, but uncut & not in order in a box in my closet. however, it's so old and irrelevent now that i would never completely finish it :)