scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

i know the robins bring, bring me many things

+ getting my sampler in yesterday's mail (i'll post photos soon, for those who are interested :)). i have some ideas for other things i want to send in for future samplers, i just need to get working on them :P
+ receiving starmiranda's newest zine, "the pleiades 14" - i started reading it yesterday and i can't wait to keep going (i'll be writing you soon, miranda! ♥)

still writing winterspark 3 & letters & trying to get things done. i still want to design my own stationery line and create letter press designs. i have no idea how to go about starting off though. i have too many ideas and i am spending too many hours being inspired by too many sites and not having the talent or energy to turn it into anything real.

i feel like watching Buffy dvds. i don't own any though so i don't think that will happen but it's okay because i was never into Buffy anyway, and it's just one of those passing thoughts. my hands are cold and i'm so glad it's a 4 day weekend, even though i feel like hibernating and just writing all weekend instead of being sociable. i want to make beautiful things but i don't feel at all beautiful so how can that be possible(?)

          !! oh, i told my state manager at work yesterday that i was going to be leaving in september to go overseas. so um, i guess it's semi-official now? i'm going to start talking to travel agents about round-the-world air tickets and which one would be the best to get. i can afford my ticket now (well, as of next thursday when my bonus gets put into my bank account) and i guess as soon as i buy it, then it's official rather than semi.

it scares me to death, but i'm just as excited as well. i need to do this, you know?
but in the meantime, i need to warm up my hands and write some more. try to get out as many zines as i can before i leave, because after september, it'll probably be a year or so until my next one.
i should probably try to stop feeling so antisocial this weekend too; it won't help me when i'm thousands of miles away from anyone i know.

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