scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


i feel so miserable. my head is pounding & i feel sick & nothing is cheering me up. hurrah for the last day of a long weekend and being entirely too sad & sick to do anything.


going inside to watch a movie that always makes me want a european christmas (and oh, i think i'll really get to have that this year and that makes me smile even if nothing else does today). heidi. ever since i saw it when i was like 8, i dreamt of being in frankfurt, of snow at christmas, of european traditions. i didn't even realise we even had that movie still. and dad is laughing at me because i'm getting sucked into daytime television today. at least i can amuse my family still :P

ugh. dizzydizzydizzy. i crave mac & cheese even though i will probably just throw it up afterwards because i feel so horrid.
going to crash on the couch and die for awhile. sorry for no comments today... i meant to try and catch up, but i can't even type today.

love to you all, and i hope your long weekend this easter is much nicer :P

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