scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

i get to go in May!!

my team leader approved my holidays straight away!!!! she is so awesome.
i am running around and squealing and i'm just soo excited today. i'm trying to keep a lid on my happiness so i don't annoy people, but i feel like a can of cola that's been all shaken up and is ready to overflow with energy.
thank goodness it's friday :D

am going to start booking flights RIGHT NOW. if anyone feels like squealing with me/making tour plans/etc, email me at work.

snowcanwait i am going to call you sometime today... let me know when is a good time!!!
and anyone else in AU, if i don't have your mobile phone number, let me know?

Poll #465707 for my aussie girls...

yr mobile phone number?

*runs off to book flights and TRY to do some real work*

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