scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

when i come to terms with this

one last update and then i'll get back to work, promise.

i just booked 3 out of 4 flights:

--> Adelaide to Sydney, 7 May (need to find accomodation - sharing with snowcanwait the night of the concert then going down to spend time with moonborn...fructiferous, is there any chance we might be able to squeeze something in on the Monday perhaps? (9/05/2005) I would really, really like to meet you while I'm over there, but let me know :))
--> Sydney to Brisbane, 10 May (staying with snowcanwait !!)
--> Brisbane to Melbourne, 12 May (need to find accomodation, probably in a youth hostel in Melbourne's centre... unless i can find someone to stay with but i think the chances of that are slim since i don't know a *lot* of people in Melbourne)

i still need to book my flight back from Melbourne to Adelaide but as the Adelaide show isn't until the 16th and because it's back home so i don't have to worry about organising accomodation or people to stay with, i'm more flexible with this flight and might book it later on. even if it's not while the airfare sale is on (it ends tonight), tickets from melbourne-adelaide are *always* cheap anyway. i'd love to spend a bit of time in melbourne as i haven't been there for almost 15 years now and can hardly remember it, but this is already taking a huge chunk out of my working-overseas-budget (not that i care, of course... Tori is worth it, always), so i should probably just come home after a day. there is temptation to explore though since i'm already there, exploring doesn't always mean spending money. i'll see how much accomodation is.

okay, now i really need to go and do some work. oh thank goodness it's friday. i'm so excited & happy & i still want to keep squealing in disbelief. please forgive my crazy fan girl rants. i just never thought this would happen... and i'm so excited about getting to travel through the eastern states and meeting people as well as seeing the shows. these travel plans were just what i needed to tide me over until september ♥

i feel so, so lucky. you have no idea how blessed i feel.
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