scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

got a bowling ball in my stomach (got a desert in my mouth)

happy birthday to my darling friend sparkleoflife !!! 25 years darling -- we have been friends now for half of your (our!) lifetime!! may it be a wonderful day -- shall call & visit soon xo

so so nervous & anxious trying to get tori tickets this morning. i am seriously driving everyone crazy here at work today i think, and i keep apologising but ARGH! Adelaide tickets go on sale in 10 minutes. even though i've been here for the last hour, just in case they were released a bit earlier. Sydney tickets go on sale in 2 1/2 hours. the good thing is that we have presentations etc this morning which means i probably won't start training in the other department until after lunch. so i'm going to take my lunch break earlier and get online to check for Sydney tickets and talk to snowcanwait at the same time. hopefully, hopefully, hopefully by 12:30pm i will have tickets for the Adelaide & Sydney shows and then i can GO BACK TO BEING A NORMAL PERSON.

haha. if not for my own sake, than for everyone else's.

*anxious anxious anxious*
i think i will about collapse with relief when all of this is over. lol. i know that everyone at tori_au2009 will agree with me on that one!!


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