scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

sydney show

the sydney show sold out within seconds, literally. both the ticketek website and the sydney opera house website were crashing and bringing up no results, i couldn't get through on the phones, it was crazy. i was a wreck on the phone to darling snowcanwait and oh, thankyou so much for putting up with me hon!! but miraculously:

i got a ticket. stalls, row N, on the left-hand side.

this is good. except:
i got a ticket.

i was meant to get 3.

i think fabuleuxamelie and jadey_mcshadey are going to kill me. i feel so horrible & wretched and selfish.
i'm so sorry. i didn't know what to do.
i already have my plane ticket to sydney.
if i hadn't had that, i wouldn't have brought the ticket.
but i can't get a refund on it, plus i have a connecting flight to brisbane a few days later from sydney.

oh, this is such a mess. i'm excited to get a ticket but i feel like the worst fucking selfish friend in the world.
i'm bidding on ebay for 2 more tickets, but i'm sure they will end up going for a lot of money and i'm not paying anymore than i would on ticketek. i don't believe people should be making money buying tickets and reselling them to fans, even though people would be willing to pay it.
argh. amy and jade... i'm so, so sorry. please feel free to yell at me and tell me i'm so selfish. i invited you both to come with me, and then couldn't get you tickets. oh.

it's kinda hard to be excited about my seat at this point.

i have to go to work now. i think it will be good to think about something else for awhile.
please yell at me and stuff. i deserve it, i'm just so, so sorry.


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