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scarlet's walk


i fell asleep last night as soon as i walked in the door, 6pm. mmm. i so needed that sleep. another 12 hours and i should be almost human again! thank goodness i have tomorrow off work.

i meant to make copies of my now-finished issue of winterspark 3 this weekend, but guess who left her folder at work? um yeah. so unless i can be bothered to call in tomorrow to grab it (highly unlikely since i work 40 minutes away from home and do i really want to visit on my day off?), i'll have to wait until thursday night to make copies. grrr. i was so excited about finishing it and getting it distributed this long weekend. but the main thing is that it's really actually done, and all i have to do is run off copies. so i might still make the "do you want to buy one" post later on, then at least i can mail them out the same day i copy them. hurrah.

still miles behind on my friends page. i think i need to do another cut, and please don't take it personally; i can just never keep up. if i take you off and you still want to read my locked entries, then let me know.

isn't it funny how unimportant things become so important?

it's still dark outside, i've been up for nearly an hour now; i can hear the cicadas chirping. it is a beautiful peaceful feeling. i should be up at this time more often; it makes me feel balanced, for some reason. i think that might be a rare feeling, for me.


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