scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

yes, anastasia

x. i decided to sign up for the 24 hour zine challenge; the idea is to create (from start to finish) a zine in 24 hours, by july 31st. is anyone else going to do it?

x. my dad is going overseas for a month, leaving on sunday. he's letting me use his laptop while he's away, and because i'm a geek, this is exciting. i don't know how long the battery life is for, but it means being able to get out of our home office to write. of course, i could always get back into the art of, you know, handwriting things (other than letters, i mean); but i guess i'm lazy with that. anyway, so being able to use the laptop for a month is exciting. not to mention my dad's pending travel plans (turkey/instanbul/gallipoli/anzac cove, france/paris, belgium...) he's been packing for the last week. ha, when i went overseas last year, i packed the night before. who says that women are worse than men when it comes to packing?! ;)

x. i don't feel like working today. oh wait, that's nothing new. i want to staple together more zines and mail them out and write little notes on leftover sanrio stationery that i'm trying to use up. download more tori concert highlights from turbid blue (her cover of madonna's like a prayer is so amazing ♥) and make mix cds and read zines (i have a small pile growing in my room, it's a nice feeling to always have something wonderful to read). tonight, i can do some of that anyway, and tomorrow is friday. hurrah.

x. i had extra tori amos tickets for her adelaide show (because snowcanwait pulled up seats much closer to the stage than mine were, so we decided to sell these ones instead), and selling them was pretty much the easiest ebay transaction ever. got them in the mail monday, listed them at a Buy It Now price on ebay monday night (only what i paid for them originally; i'm not a scalper or a con artist unlike some of the jerks on ebay who are selling tickets for $ 500 or more, which makes me so angry really), they were sold on tuesday, payment made on wednesday, received today (thursday) and mailed. how to do a $ 200 ebay transaction in 3 days.

x. learning new things at work everyday, my mind is on overload. i worry that i'll forget it all overnight, or that i'll get it all comfused, jumbled up. but i prefer this far better than the stagnant, non-stimulating mindset that work has been lately. i am so grateful to learn and be challenged.


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