scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

zine ideas

not sure why i didn't think of this before, the idea of making mini versions of my zines to send in to the sampler. last time i contributed to the sampler it cost over $ 20 just to send 25 copies of my winterspark 1 zine... never again. but i thought maybe i could make them half the size, about 32 pages (which would be the front & back of 2 A4 pieces of paper, so it wouldn't cost much to copy either), with just a selection of some of the pieces from the originals. like, a teaser or something. people here who contribute/subscribe to the sampler, what do you think? yes, no? too small for the sampler? should there be more pages? if the idea sucks, just tell me. but i missed receiving a sampler this month 'cos i didn't contribute :( i always get so inspired by the site & everyone's crafting ideas - not to mention exposure for my zines. i'll keep thinking of other ideas (that won't cost so much to send! it's the weight of my zines that sucks :()

&for anyone who missed it, winterspark 3: faerytales is finished; ordering information is here. ugh. i am a shameless promoter. i'm sending out some of the orders today, the rest on the weekend, including distro copies. yay ♥

today is quiet at work and i am understanding things, but i'm sleepy and i want to get out of here and write & create things. i have been meaning to have a LUSH bath for goodness knows how long now, so perhaps i will do that tonight, and read one of the fashion magazines that i'm only partway through reading. nice ideas. i want to stay up all night and write but my eyelids are heavy, i don't think i'll make it past 10pm. haha, no-one will believe anymore than i used to be a night owl.


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