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22 April 2005 @ 11:25 am
original sin, no i don't think so  
hurrah, it's friday!!
AND it's a long weekend. oh hurrah, hurrah.
i am in a good mood. going out for lunch today; a few of us are being taken out for lunch by some of our brokers - i finally get to meet the guy who calls me "Happy" on the phone as though that were my name(edit: no i don't. i just spoke to him then and he's not going 'cos they're short staffed in their office today. rats, i was looking forward to meeting him, but oh well). i'm determined to get all caught up on my work (well, as much as i can; with reviews at the moment, it's impossible to get entirely caught up, but i can get through the day-to-day stuff at least) so i can start next week not being quite so stressed out. maybe.

i have finally located a mailing address to write to schapelle corby, the girl i spoke about in an earlier post (being held in bali accused of drug trafficking as 4kg of marijuana was found in her body board bag upon arrival in customs; she claims they aren't hers but she has been held in custody since october 2004 and faces either life in prison or the death penalty if the judge decides she's guilty) - mail can be sent via her lawyers. no idea if it will actually get to her, but i'm going to write this weekend and send it via express post. there are actually a lot of "save schapelle" type websites around there, and it is heartwarming to see the messages of support - that there are SO MANY australians who believe in her innocence. there are people who are reaching out to her as much as they can, people leaving their phone numbers for her to contact them for counselling & trauma-related things, just general "hang in there, australia believes in you" messages. it is nice to read, but in the end, will it make a difference?

i want to send her a care package, i know that sounds SO silly; but i don't know if it would get to her, get past customs (even though all i wanted to send her were just pretty things that might cheer someone up, you know, magazines, scented candles, pretty soap etc, just like i would send a penpal to brighten up their day). i'm hesitant to spend money on things that she'll never get to see, that will just get taken away by officials. i'm really not too sure at all whether to do that or not. i just want to bring a tinytiny bit of happiness (?!) or pleasure to someone who's in hell right now. i just wish i knew for sure that it would get to the person who needs it.


today i am sick of wrong numbers coming through switchboard. but i paid my overdue parking fine (grr, what a waste of $ 16.00) and i hope they don't issue the reminder fee yet because i don't want to pay extra :( i can't wait for the weekend. moreso because i just rememebered "Phantom of the Opera" came out on dvd this week over here, so a trip to the video store is planned for sure. also a visit to see sparkleoflife, a hike with my friend Kristy, and lots & lots of letter writing. hopefully zine writing too.

Catherine Earnshawgiantessmess on April 22nd, 2005 03:07 am (UTC)
I'm glad you're having a good day... you bloody well deserve one :)
I got your new zine in the mail just then, and i love it so far. your zines always seem to give me a kick in the pants, and make me want to get organised and creative. all the good things.

I know what you mean about schapelle Corby. It's amazing, how many people seem to believe her innocence. it's such a positive thing, to come out of the ordeal she's going through. there's even a petition making the email rounds. A care package isn't a silly idea at all. i imagine it'd be a good thing, for her to have all this constant affirmation about people believing in her. though i'm not sure about it getting to her, either. good luck with it <3
ex_lambkin76 on April 22nd, 2005 04:59 am (UTC)
I was talking to a friend of a friend last night about the Corby girl.. and she's been over in Borneo and Laos and Thailand and a bunch of other places, but went to visit her, and said that the Chapelle said that the only thing she'd done wrong was forget to use a padlock on her case. She was apparently really lovely.. urging this girl to go out and enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the country instead of being cooped up with her in that place.
Thought you might be interested. :)
jupiterava__ on April 22nd, 2005 07:56 am (UTC)
i just keep on getting angrier about schapelle.
ex_snowcanwa171 on April 23rd, 2005 10:36 am (UTC)
You are SO sweet! I love the idea of sending something to Schappelle too, I feel so bad for her. I'm wondering who to ask in order to find out what is allowed/what isn't? Maybe her barrister here in Australia would know, or would be able to pass something on?