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scarlet's walk

piece by piece

this is how indecisive i am.

so tonight, i got tori amos's book, piece by piece in the mail (and i have to add, i am so impressed with amazon right now, i only placed that order 2 weeks ago and it wasn't meant to get here for another 2 weeks; not to mention it was $ 20 AUD cheaper to buy it from amazon than it was to order it in from any of the bookstores here - AND it took a third of the time to get here -- the bookstores were predicting 5-6 weeks import time). anyway, i ordered it to read on all my flights from city to city seeing her shows next month, and now it's here early. and this is a good thing, except, i'm so silly & indecisive that i honestly don't know whether i should

a) keep it sealed up in the amazon box and give it to mum to hide for the next 2 weeks so that it's all new & surprising & a wonderful present for my week going to the tori concerts,
b) open up the box and flip through it, THEN give it to mum to hide for the next 2 weeks so that i can only read it while i'm away
c) start reading it now before i go (which means i'll probably finish it before i leave), just in case it gives me an even greater appreciation for tori before seeing her perform

i'm so so tempted to start reading it now (it's still sealed in the box in my room, i only got home 15 minutes ago), but the idea of keeping it a surprise for my trip is delicious. then again, the whole week is going to be an amazing whirlwind anyway (travel + friends + 4 tori shows in 9 days), i probably won't even HAVE time to read... i never read a lot on planes, not as much as i estimate. i didn't even read a whole book on my flights to & from london from here (20 hours each way altogether). the longest flight i even have next month is about 2 hours... and i'd probably rather write than read anyway, it may be my only chance to write in my journal (without being terribly anti-social, i mean).

see, early delivery has thrown me into a tailspin. oh the decisions. what would you do?

going to have a lush bubble bath (alex_faerie, this is the last bubble bar slice i have left from my big spend up at the lush store in cambridge!! i plan to stock up well when i'm in sydney or melbourne or brisbane next month ;)) and hope that i can keep fighting temptation on opening up that wonderful package from amazon. my willpower is horribly lacking.

oh, & why the heck not... whats the use of a paid account if you can't do ANYTHING without asking yr lj friends about it first? ;)

Poll #479710 piece by piece... now or later?

what should i do about my tori amos book, "piece by piece" that arrived here 2 weeks early today?

keep it sealed up and save it for when you go away next month
open it up to look through it, but then hide it to read when you go away next month
open it now & start reading it, you might learn something important before you see tori perform

off now to hide in bubbles.

ps: i know i'm a dork ;) thankyou

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