scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

in case you're wondering... i did open the amazon package and start reading tori's book on friday night ;) hello, willpower. i've only read the introduction so far but am definitely going to keep reading, although the temptation to savour the excitement by not reading it is still there. it's just nowhere near as strong as my desire to devour every single word and let it run through my veins over the next 2 weeks. waiting waiting waiting... less than 2 weeks. oh, excitement!!

slept in until 12pm today; i rarely do that but tomorrow is a day off for ANZAC day, so i can stay up late tonight, and that always makes me happy. inspiration at 3am, but i never stay up that late anymore, and i miss it. perhaps tonight. i can make up for sleeping for 11 hours last night. eep (but gosh it was nice).

♥ : phantom of the opera movie (i think i have a little crush on patrick wilson), talking to winterswitchery, having wonderful zine distros pick up winterspark 3 already (♥), having distro credit from wrong number distro (thankyousomuch sarah!), reading the vogue forums, laughing with my 2 best girlfriends last night, kraft mac & cheese, warm days that are just right.

&in case you're still interested at all, winterspark 3 is still available to order (all of them are, actually ^^). i'd love to know what you think.

off to try and write some more for winterspark 4. if i can set up the laptop, that is.


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