scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

anzac day, 2005

anzac day, the war rememberance day for australia & new zealand soldiers who fought, primarily in world war 1 but in all wars.

watching the dawn service on tv, at anzac cove, gallipoli (turkey). my dad is there right now. i wonder what he's feeling, sensing? the sun is breaking in the distance; 90 years ago today there were battles on that cove, blood was shed, lives were lost.

war is such a waste.

but, the irony here makes me shake my head & laugh in disbelief. john howard (australian prime minister) talking about the anzacs, talking about peace. prayer for peace and living in safety. but we don't learn, do we? howard didn't think twice about sending our australian troops over to iraq in 2003, even though the majority of australians did not support the so-called "war on terrorism". they talk of peace, but why don't they act by that too? empty, meaningless words. it makes me sad. the commentators on the tv just spoke about "incompetent leaders" which led to a failed battle in gallipoli and so many deaths. it could be 90 years ago, it could be today. no-one ever learns from the mistakes of those before.

&oh i know it's all so much more complicated than this. that war is never black & white, right or wrong.

but it makes me so sad.


poppies for rememberance.


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