scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

more Tori stuff (sorry, non-Tori fans) -- messages to Tori

lying in the dark
listening to SPARK
finding strength in her words
and the beauty i heard.
power and beauty
please let me meet Tori!

my dorky little entry for the "meet tori amos" competition, but i don't care that it's as cheesy as anything because it won! and hey, what can you do with 25 words or less anyway.

i have been trying to catch up on lj for the last 3+ hours and i am something like 340+ entries back in total and nowhere near caught up (i use filters to view things to make it a *bit* easier because i'm constantly behind even when i haven't been travelling but it's still impossible really, i'm only halfway through at the most). so i'm giving up, please tell me what has been going on this last week for you, if you would like? i'm not trying to ignore anyone. argh. i can't handle having such a big list, haha.


non-Tori fans can skip this next part.

so, i had this idea, since i'm going to make Tori a card to give her tomorrow night, and there were a few people here saying, "tell tori i love her" etc, like i would say to someone else who was getting to meet her. anyway, i decided to let you guys tell her yourself. i made up this guestbook, and it's only going to be online for about 30 hours at the most, but i'll print out all the entries, and affix them inside the card i make. so, write a message to Tori if you are a fan, and it will be given to her. no guarantees of course she'll read it (she must get thousands of letters & cards etc a day), but i can try?

maybe it's a silly idea, but oh well. i am definitely going to make a card and write a letter though. even if she never opens it, at least it gets to HER. which is more than what would happen if i sent her fanmail via the post.

you can make your message private by ticking the box, and then only i can read it, i'll try to be discreet and not read what you write though 'cos i know Tori fans are personal and i'm trying to be respectful ;) write as much or as little as you want.

anyway, you can write a message to Tori here {click on "add entry" -- for some reason, the link wouldn't work if i linked to it directly}

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