scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Sydney Tori show

I finished downloading the bootleg of Tori's first Sydney show, on May 7, and I'm nearly crying listening to it and remembering how wonderful it was to actually BE THERE and screaming with everyone else and being so overwhelmed that Tori was really finally in Australia.

It is the most wonderful feeling. Happy tears, but just remembering. This is a pretty good quality recording too. moonborn, I will have to burn you a copy of it, if you want one that is. Also fructiferous, would you like a copy of it? I know you weren't at the show, but it was the first night we met! :D Haha, I'm a sentimental dork.

There is nothing like listening to a bootleg of a show you were actually at. I have goosebumps just listening to it; I'm so so glad it was recorded. It's like a little way of keeping the memories alive. Nothing beats seeing the FIRST show of an artist you've adored for so many years. For that reason, the Sydney show was my very favourite.

There are screams at the beginning of every song and I smile because somewhere in there, is my own. I feel like screaming again every time I hear them, but in that good way. Excitement, happiness. It was already 2 weeks ago (how time flies).


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