scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

traders and invaders (with the best intentions)

Presenting the most hurridly put together website I've done in quite awhile:

jade's bootleg trading page.

I've only got half the shows I actually have on there at the moment, but most of the Tori ones (including all of the recent ones I have and keep mentioning in previous posts here), and I've listed the artists for the other shows I have so if there are any you are curious in, I'll get back to you with details of the show (where/when etc). None of these are mp3 sourced since typically you're not meant to trade those (due to inferior quality) but if you don't care about that (and really, I can't tell a lot of difference between mp3 sourced shows and lossless shows, a Tori show is a Tori show, you know? But anyway), let me know and I'll let you know which ones of those I have. Or you can just download those yourself at turbid blue which would probably be quicker than our postal service anyway ;)

B&P's are good [ahem, sea__secret, I'm looking at you in particular hon :)]. fantasticmuppet sent me some fabulous boots last year and I need to find them to add to the list, because I literally have them spread out anywhere in the house (and in my car) where there's a cd or tape player. When I find them I'll add them.

Anyway, there is info on trading and what B&P's actually are if you're not sure (or more to the point, there's a link to a very thorough and easy to understand guide) but feel free to ask questions before sending discs and stuff.

End of promo. ;)


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