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scarlet's walk

judgement day

43 things is an awesome site. thankyou so much nelmiocuore for pointing me towards it! nightbird, I think this is a site you'd like too :D

edit: my username on there is crushedstars.

Schapelle Corby's verdict will be handed down tomorrow. Oh holy crap, I am so nervous for her. Planning to take my lunch break from 11am tomorrow and put the TV on in our interview rooms and just watch the coverage. Either than or I will constantly be refreshing the website I just linked to. oh gods, please find her NOT GUILTY, please please please.

But I don't think they will. In the minds of the Indonesian judge, she was guilty right from the start. Guilty until proven innocent. It didn't matter that the drugs weren't hers, that she didn't know they were in her bag. All it matters is that they were in her bag. How they got there doesn't even enter into it.

I don't know how I am going to get any work done tomorrow. Thank goodness it's Friday; I already know I'll be constantly refreshing and trying to find information about Corby's verdict. I'm thinking I might as well go the whole way of not getting any work done tomorrow, and stay up late tonight to watch The Amazing Race. Which is on way after my bedtime so I normally miss it ;)

I'm so preoccupied with travel and travel plans these days. One day I'm going to be a travel agent, I think. After I've travelled loads more, that is. More, MORE, damnit! ;)

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