scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

travel thoughts...

Notes to self: travel related things to think about...

- One way ticket vs round-the-world ticket, and which airline (am considering Singapore airlines right now, after reading & hearing some great reviews about them. I flew Malaysian Airlines last time who were fine, but I want to try another airline, just for comparison)
- A couple of nights stopover somewhere on way to London? (eg, Singapore?)
- Europe tour upon first arriving in the UK - Top Deck tour most likely, but not sure which one (either 18 days or 25 days, as the 21 day cabin tour involves 5 days sailing... and guess who gets seasick? *coughs*)
- Laptop purchase - via Dad so will be much cheaper (yay!)
- Accomodation in the UK/work transfer or temp position = all pending and continuous


I am so restless to travel again. Like you wouldn't believe.
Actually, I think you would believe it. I think quite a few of you have wanderlust too.

goodnight, stars.


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