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okay, I can't decide whether to travel to London on Emirates and stop over in Dubai, or on Singapore Airlines and stopover in Singapore. One way fares are the same price for both airlines ($ 1,440-ish which includes taxes), but Emirates doesn't leave from Adelaide - I'd have to get a flight to Sydney first so that would be an extra $ 100. I've heard good things about both airlines, so I guess in the end it'll be about where I want to stop over (if I even DO a stopover, I'm still not sure about that), and if I go to Sydney first for a few days or not.

If anyone has travelled on either airline before, or been to either Singapore or Dubai (United Arab Emirates), let me know what you thought?

I'm so indecisive. I love all the options though. It's so exciting to realise there are all these possibilities... and nothing to stop you from trying them all. I love it. I LOVE it.


Tonight is the perfect time to be writing for my zines, but guess who, as always, lacks the motivation? Grrr.

**edit @ 8:54pm: oh, now add Qantas/British Airways to the list of possible Airlines. Considering they are actually about $ 250 cheaper AND according to Best Flights, I could stop over in Tokyo -- now, I really HAVE always wanted to go there. These decisions are just getting harder & harder by the minute!

**edit #2 @ 9:04pm: WOW. I have just found a really f**king fantastic ticket price for Qantas/British Airways on Fab Travel Deals - one way to London from Adelaide = $ 973 + taxes (about $ 200 taxes). Okay, I am thinking that perhaps I will go with them after all -- that's a pretty big saving really. I'm so thrilled. Just for the record guys (in Australia), Fab Travel Deals uses the same search engine for finding flights as Best Flights, but are actually cheaper -- can't remember the exact reason, but snowcanwait, your dad told me that -- and he was right!!! I'm so stoked. Okay, note to self: book through Fab Travel Deals -- or at least see if a travel agent will price match through them. *nods*

** edit #3 @ 9:15pm: Okay, and even Singapore Airlines is heaps cheaper on Fab Travel Deals (only $ 100 more than Qantas/BA) than on Best Flights, so I'm sort of back to my original question re: airlines. I think tomorrow I am going to print our my search results at work and in my lunch break go down and see the travel agent who recognises me, and find out if they price match online prices. If not, maybe I'll just book it online. snowcanwait, can you please give your Dad a BIG thankyou for me -- because honestly, I've never seen this site mentioned before, but it sounds like he has used it, and I am sooo grateful to find cheaper flights on all these airlines!!!

Okay, enough edits, promise ;)

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