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edit CRAP. I spent almost an hour writing up this post originally and LIVEJOURNAL ATE IT, god damnit. I'm so mad. I'm only bothering to rewrite it because it's for my own reference and I know one day it'll come in handy. But, ARGH.

The good thing about it taking so damn long to write in the first place is that I remember most of what I said. Just finding the links to everything again is going to suck. Stupid connection!! /edit

Anyway. I was saying that I am embarassed to say how much I spent on makeup today.

x. MAC Select SPF 15 Foundation shade: NW25
x. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation shade: NC35
x. MAC Eye Shadow (satin finish) in Arena and Cork
x. MAC Powder Brush number: 129
x. MAC Foundation Brush number: 190**
x. Estee Lauder Pure Pops - a 5 pack of minis (6ml tubes) in Mello Yello, Fizzy Pear, Watermelon, Pink Cupcake, Peppermint (I was really excited to see this 5-pack as I have been wanting to try the Pure Pops for awhile, but couldn't justify spending $ 35 on one lipgloss. This 5 pack was cheaper than buying 2 full-sized (10ml) glosses and more than twice the flavours, so hurrah! Lip gloss is definitely my biggest weakness)

I also got a free 4ml bottle of Estee Lauder fragrance Beautiful, and a sample vial of Estee Lauder fragrance Beautiful Sheer. Hurrah for freebies!

*Was also recommended by the MAC girl a Powder Blush in shade Pinch Me - I'm wearing it now and might get it or a similar one later, so this is just to remind me what shade it is :)

As I said before, this is all for my own reference*, because I always have trouble remembering the shades of makeup that suit me best, especially foundations & powders. The MAC girl matched me up with these shades, and I really like how it looks at the moment. I can't believe I spent so much on makeup today, but I don't feel too bad about it; I'm definitely going to be saving like crazy for the next 3 months though! I don't think it's a bad thing to care about how I look; it doesn't own me, it's just fun. Especially as I will be working in London by the end of the year. I don't want to be a total dag my whole life, you know? Anyway, I had a lot of fun this afternoon ^_^

edit:** I ended up taking these brushes back as I didn't realise how expensive they were, and especially after coming home and reading about cheaper alternatives that work just as well. Cheaper being 1/3 of the price too. So yay for being able to get refunds :)

I'm on Dad's laptop at the moment as I'm watching the Spongebob Squarepants movie in the lounge room; I just can't get into it though. And I can't remember what else I wrote in my first post, so I'm just going to post this one and hope to goodness that it saves this time, because I'm sure not trying for a third time *sighs*

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