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Revenge of the Sith was actually better the second time round ♥

Because I knew exactly what was going to happen this time, I could pay attention to some of the finer details. The scenes where Anikan kills the younglings (well, goes into the Jedi Temple to do so at least) and when all the troops turn on the Jedi's and kill them were a lot sadder to me this time round - a lot more poignant. Same with everyone's favourite tear-jerking scene at the end with Obi-Wan saying "you were my brother! I loved you!" - a lot more touching than the first time around. I do feel sorry for Darth Vader and after seeing RoTS, it's going to be hard watching the original trilogy and thinking of Darth Vader as being all evil & terrible; underneath there's just a boy who wanted to save the love of his life from dying. Somehow, it's hard to perceive someone as a ruthless killer with that underlying his inital turn to the dark side.

Then there's the irony of Anikan wanting to learn how to save Padme, only to be the one who kills her himself (perhaps not literally but definitely the broken heart that she dies of), and it's funny how we can look at that and probably apply it to our own lives, at least in that it became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Also, I have a question. So the lightsabers are red when they are being used by someone evil (eg, the Sith Lords, Chancellor Palpetine). So why then, when General Grevious had 4 of them and was fighting Obi-Wan, were his lightsabers not red? Obviously they were lightsabers taken from other Jedi Knights (ie, when he tries to take Anikan's & Obi-Wans at the beginning and puts them in his cloak pocket saying "they will join my collection"), but wouldn't they go red anyway? Surely the Chancellor, when everyone thought he was good at least, didn't have a bright red lightsaber until the end when it was revealed he was the Sith Lord? Anyway, that just confused me that General Grevious had blue & green sabers.

Okay, I'm done sounding like a majorly geeky fangirl ;) {At least until tomorrow, when I plan to try and watch 4, 5 & 6 ;)} Man, I could get right into this whole Star Wars thing. Oh, and I want a "little green friend" like Yoda, but doesn't everybody? ;)

In other news, vanilla coke & popcorn are not a good dinner. Ugh, I feel like crap. I'm going to bed.

Ps: are fencing and sword fighting the same thing? Either way, I want to learn how to do them ;)

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