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Um, we just got connected to Broadband Internet.

This is, after eight years of being on dialup.


I'm downloading an album from album_love and it's taken 40 seconds to download 34% of it.
I was used to leaving the computer on overnight in order to try and download a full album. And considered myself very lucky if it actually did download in that time.

I'm actually really quite overwhelmed by all this.


The catch is we have a 2gig* download limit, which I have been sworn to, under the penalty of... well, never being able to use this ;) - to NOT use all of that limit each month 'cos Dad needs it for the new business. Which is principally why he's installed it (after about 3 years of begging to have it, haha). Although I have just discovered that there's an option of paying $ 10 per extra gig downloaded, which I'm thinking I might just have to succumb to ;)

*edit: actually, we have 10gig a month (in actual fact, 20 - it's 10 during the day and 10 at night after midnight but anyway), Dad just said he said MY limit was 2. haha. I'm wearing him down ;)

Anyway, I'm really overawed by this.
(In case anyone is wondering, it's a 1.5mb speed. And it just took 5 minutes to download that album, as opposed to 5 hours. WOW)

haha, I'm a dork ;)

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