scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

In London & TNT Magazine

I have a big favour to ask someone living in London currently.

I mentioned the free magazine In London in yesterday's post - it comes out on the first Monday of every month and is free from most train stations and other public places. It includes information such as jobs/recruitment agencies, accomodation, classifieds, plus general current London information.

There is also another backpacker magazine of a similar nature, called TNT Magazine, which is also free. It's available in youth hostels as well as some train stations and the like, I think. It comes out every Monday (weekly), as well as a smaller (about half size) issue that comes out on Wednesdays too (TNT Midweek, I think it's called).

I was wondering if someone living in London would mind collecting some of these free magazines for me (maybe for the next couple of weeks) and sending them over to me. I will pay for all the postage etc so it won't cost anything, just a bit of time picking them up for me. I can paypal some money over to you for postage. I miss these magazines so much, and they are just so informative - I check the websites often, but it's just not the same ;)

If anyone wouldn't mind, could you please let me know? Thankyou so, so much.


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