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okay, I really didn't want to have to ask on here but I'm sick of looking.
I've made the switch from S1 to S2 (I'm using "Flexible Squares" as my layout), but how do I edit my tags from my entries?

In S1, there was an edit icon on the comments page that made it really easy to add tags to my entries based on the tags I already had, but I don't have it on my comments page in S2 now.

Is there a code that I can use so I can add tags the same way I can add an entry to memories etc? It seems the only way right now is to 'edit entry' but I can't see the other tags I have when I do that.

God this stuff is annoying. Why do I have to be so obsessive about it?

edit: Thankyou so much indriya for pointing me towards this entry, it has helped loads... after another hour of tweaking, I finally have this thing looking sort-of okay *beams*. I'm leaving this entry up though, as a reference for myself of where to find help should I need it again!

Tags: lj stuff

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