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the thing that fears

Thanks to the lovely briarspell, I have been listening to some music by Hannah Fury, and it is absolutely beautiful. I feel like I'm floating (well, I would be floating if I wasn't at work, urgh). She has uploaded some to YouSendIt for me, and there are links in this comment on my post, if anyone else wants to hear (and hopefully Brittany doesn't mind I'm passing on the links, I just think it's a shame to have the beautiful music only downloaded once after all her effort!) Miss winterswitchery, I think you would like her music too. Similar sound to Emilie Autumn and Vienna Teng in particular. Such beautiful, ethereal music to dream away to.

I crave more of her notes. I have some money in my PayPal account from a zine order, and I'm tempted to use it to buy Hannah's recordings from her website. But I should be good; I'm meant to be saving for England. But I feel bad just downloading her music and not paying for any of it. It's the independent artists who need our support the most. I never even brought Emilie Autumn's albums, and she is one of my favourite artists (possibly second favourite, right after Tori). But the shipping from her website to Australia is pretty high.

Money sucks when all one wants to do is surround themselves with beauty, but not rip anyone off. I'm planning to send letters to Emilie and now to Hannah to say how I adore their music though.


I was rereading Mists of Avalon last night; whenever she speaks of the Tor, I get a thrill inside me, remembering how it felt to climb the Tor and to look over Glastonbury and feel like I was really in Avalon. It's magic.

I miss finding magic in everything. Things seem rather ordinary, I suppose. Including me.

Tags: faerie music, finding magic

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