scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

her electronic owl

hello from my brand new laptop !! *beams*

Well, I finally got her (him?). I brought it through my Dad who got it at a cheaper price for me. It is a Toshiba Tecra A3 (1.6AGHz), and I've named it Hedwig.

My computer description on the network is "Jade's Electronic Owl" :D I thought that was fitting, as this is my portal to communicating back home (and elsewhere) while I'm away. Just like the owl mail in Harry Potter.

No, I'm not obsessed, why do you ask? ;)

Anyway. Dad has been installing things on here for me and making sure everything is all okay with the anti-virus and microsoft updates etc, although it just occured to me that now might be the perfect time to switch back over to Firefox again. Hmm.

But I wanted to pop in and say hello first :)

Tags: geek girl
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