scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

wanted: inspiration

I'm trying to get inspired (Art Journal Journey = ♥)

Also, I am in love with Amazon UK's dvd rental by post. *dies* If they ever have a library by post, I think I will permanently move to the UK (since they don't do the dvd rental thing for international).

I'm in the mood for watching trashy TV shows like The O.C. or Dawson's Creek. I'm hoping our video store might have the dvds, but I doubt it.

Okay, lets try this again.
x. letters
x. art journaling
x. jewellery making (?)
x. writing zine stuff

&playing with the dog. Because he is oh-so-cute, I just want to cuddle him all day long. ♥

Tags: dailyness

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