scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

writing down the days

Days off from work are delicious.

I am actually in a writing mood today. I'm so happy about that; I was hoping that might be the case, seeing as it's Monday and usually my biggest writing urges come when I'm on my way to work. Because I'm silly, I actually considered driving out to work and then back again (even though work is 45 minutes away), hoping to trick my brain into thinking I had to work and therefore becoming creatively-motivated. Needless to say, I didn't actually do this, but I'm glad the creative bug hit anyway. I think.

Today is doing assignments for my long-neglected Writing School course; I have 2 to catch up on for the moment, and I'm ashamed at how long I've been putting these off for. I think I've done most of assignment 4 though (a short story, about 800 words) although I didn't really follow the steps outlined in the blueprint, and I'm sure the tutor will be able to tell.

I am a horrible procrastinator.

I slept in for far too long this morning (10:30am, which is late for me considering I normally wake up at 8 on weekends), and I'm hoping my evil headache from last night doesn't return. Otherwise, it would be nice for this day to go on forever. Mondays off are the best ♥

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