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More working holiday plans/thoughts

Oh holy crap. I was browsing through InLondon and I came across this "Before You Go - 6 week plan", which I have read previously (as well as others in guidebooks etc) - it really hit me that there really is just a few weeks before I head over. 7 weeks to be precise. I think it just became real when I was looking at the list (most of which I have been thinking about, there wasn't really anything on there that came as a total surprise/worry) and realised that wow, I really have to do all these things, like now.

I'm not making any sense, am I? Lets just say that the reality has struck me. And I feel like I'm about to throw up.

But it's excitement. It really is. I just hope I can be organised in time.

- apply for UK Mini Express startup... thing at Lanchpad Australia ($119.00) {I finally decided to join with this one, as compared to all the other programs with 1st Contact, IEP, OWH etc because they offer assistance with opening a UK bank account, job hunting assistance, an orientation session for information about the National Insurance scheme, etcetc}

Take a few days off work this month to...

- go to an RAA branch to get an International driver's licence which is valid for 12 months ($15)
- go to TransportSA to find out if I need to extend my Australian driver's licence (because it will run out in August 2006 and I might not be back by then)
- get tetanus vaccination at the clinic
- go to doctor's for checkup/ check about getting a prescription for overseas for my medication (blah)
- get car serviced & mudguard put back on
(there is other stuff too, I can't remember right now).

Also, I don't know how good an idea this is, but I'm considering taking out a personal loan before I go overseas so I'm not completely stuffed. I know that it's generally not recommended to do that, but I'm pretty good with handling money so I would genuinely only use it if I needed to - I am sure the costs of moving into a place and paying a bond + rent in advance etc will be a lot more than what I have right now, and like I said earlier, there's a big risk that even if I get a job straight away, I won't get paid for at least a couple of weeks. I know loans and credit cards are dangerous things, but it might not be a bad thing to have some money accessible in an emergency. I have been looking at inerest rates at my bank and other places this afternoon, I will have to think about it though.

Anyway, I'm really excited.

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