scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

new zine idea: Where The Heart Is

I’d been struggling with writing the next issue of Winterspark zine for the last 5 months; incidentally, I was working on 2 issues simultaneously because the themes I was writing to were so different. But because of my travel plans to the UK at the end of this September for god-knows-how-long, the pressure was sort of on to get them finished before I left - and I was really beginning to struggle. I had writers block for 2 months and didn’t write a thing. Then just recently, lying in bed after being sick for 10 days, the idea came to me. New subtitle, a new and broader theme, one which could encompass everything I had written about and everything I planned to.

This is about belonging and making a difference and falling in love and then out of it again. It’s about standing up for yourself, trusting your instincts and dealing with the aftermath of confrontation. It’s about friendship, living life, and not being afraid to try new things.

It’s about staying true to yourself, and knowing where your heart is.

This is my new idea for the next issue of Winterspark, Where The Heart Is that I started this weekend. Now, if I can actually get this finished before I leave for London, it will be a minor miracle. But I'm trying.

Tags: zines
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