scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Friday love

Note to self: Update resume so on Monday I can email a copy to the London office for possibility of obtaining work there when I go over !!

This is a very good thing.

Oh, and I have just discovered that I have overpaid my credit card by about $ 400.00. A payment I made last week on it didn't show up until today, so when I was paying off the balance this week, I didn't take that additional payment into consideration. Grrr! Although it's not really so annoying; as Catherine reminded me, I just use my credit card for all the things I still need to get before my trip (sleeping bag, thermal clothing, water resistant jacket). So I'm not losing any money or anything like that. I just feel silly for not realising, especially when I was so worried this week about getting my card paid off in time. How could I overlook $ 400?

In other news, Fridays are delicious. Listening to Fiona Apple music in my car and feeling the heat like summer on it's way. I have been reading a zine called Indulgence #9 and the third section is all about Cuba and Havana and is so interesting, that I am researching more about it at work right now. I love zines that do that, make me want to learn and absorb and expand my mind. Not all of them do that, to be honest. Tomorrow I am going to the city to start getting the things I need for going away and then seeing my girlfriends (Sarah, I really hope you can come with us!) and I am just so, so glad it is finally the weekend. This has felt like a really long week.

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