scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

Today has been quite productive, really. I finally put my car up for sale on some different websites (Car Sales, Drive and Car Point); hopefully I'll get it sold before I head off to London. I need to get the inside detailed, which I'll do this week, so it is nice & clean when people come to inspect it. I'll list it on a few more places throughout the week if I don't get any response, but they are the bigger sites in Australia anyway - with the exception of the Trading Post, but it was going to cost nearly $50 to list it on there (the others were $9 - $15 each). If I get desperate I'll add it, but for now, I'll run with what I've done.

I have also found loads of recruitment agencies in London and bookmarked them all so I can get in contact with them, send them my CV, look for work etc when I arrive there, and have updated my resume and formatted it to the UK style (which is very different from the Australian style resume anyway). I'll send it off to Zurich London tomorrow, and then I suppose I'll have to wait until I'm in the UK... I don't know if it's worth sending it off to recruitment agencies before I go, especially as I am travelling for nearly a month before I settle down in London. Or maybe I should send it off with a note saying I will be available to work from the end of October... what do you think? Although I don't really have any contact details for the UK yet, only an email address. I don't know if my UK phone number that I had last time will still work when I go back.

This afternoon I went to the library and borrowed some great books on Cuba; I mentioned on Friday being interested in learning more about the country after reading a zine called Indulgence #9, and I found a great book called Enduring Cuba, which is one traveller's account of her observations etc. I can't put it down. I am trying to read far too many books at once - a dozen guidebooks, books on working overseas and travelling cheaply and exploring new places, and I want to do it all.

I am getting terribly bitten by mosquitos right now, so I'm going to lie in bed and read some more and dream of faraway places, I think. I don't even have Mondayitis tonight. Isn't that a change!


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