scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

I am really tired, but happy.

♥ 4 days til England !! (okay, so it's really 5 til I'm actually in England, but plane flights are exciting, even the 24 hour ones)
♥ getting things organised like my international driver's licence and eye tests and other such things
you're beautiful / it's true {james blunt}
♥ waking up in someone's arms
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfumes (thankyou to miss september_frost for reminding me of that site) - I am dying to try the Alice and Tiger Lily oils, Titania and Ophelia, Moon Rose, oh and so many others.
♥ hot tea
♥ a $171 refund cheque for my car insurance
♥ falling asleep to Veronica Mars episodes

time for more sleep.

Tags: bpal
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