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random babble from work

I'm so jealous of everyone in the Northern Hemisphere who gets to see the new Harry Potter movie like, now. I knew I should have stayed in London for an extra week.
(We don't get it here in Australia until December 1)

On my third day here at work. It's pretty quiet so far; no doubt business will pick up as time goes on, but for the moment, I sit at the reception desk and fill in time, leaving Dad & Simon to work out the back. It's not hard to do; I've spent a great deal of time finding new icons to use, browsing the Vogue forums, chatting to lambkin, winterswitchery & others, and being annoyed that my email account isn't working because of some sort of problem with the server host. It's been 3 days now and as my emails aren't bouncing, I'm scared that there's going to be about 200 LJ comments waiting when I finally get in there. Thank goodness for this 1gig broadband speed here. I have started a Christmas presents idea list, of things I find online for other people, because I never seem to remember them when I go to buy them. Am considering doing most, if not all of my shopping online this year (hey, gives me something else to do while I'm at work for 8 hours a day).

Things to do while I'm at work:
x. catch up on emails (once said email account begins working again)
x. catch up on letters to penpals
x. writing school assignments
x. find recipes to cook
x. start relearning webdesign & html & css again
x. upload some photos from my time in europe - I keep forgetting to bring everything in, but I will, I swear!

My wrists hurt and I'm starving. Noel & I are going out for dinner tonight, then catching up with one of my best friends. We had his kids over last night (regular Thursday night occurence), and I swear they are the cutest things ever. Noel says that I have a fan in Millie (his 6-year old), who follows me around the house and runs out to the car to see me with a big grin. Oh, I love that kid. We have them again tomorrow, and the thought of that makes me so happy.

On that note, time to finish work. Until tomorrow, loves.

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